Volunteer Virtually

There are multiple ways to volunteer and connect with those in need virtually or over the phone to offer your expertise or simply have a conversation with someone who may be feeling lonely.


Alleviate elderly loneliness

Volunteer with GoldenTalk to chat on the phone with an older adult to help alleviate social isolation and let them know you care. Speakers of all languages are needed, especially Spanish, Korean, and Madarin.

Guiding eyes for the visually impaired

Through the “Be my Eyes” video chat App, you can help people who are blind or low-vision with visual assistance tasks such as reading a recipe.

Technology experts needed

NY state is assembling “technology SWAT teams” and is in need of volunteers with experience in product management, software and hardware development, user support, data science, operations management, design, and other areas to help build and sustain digital resources to fight COVID-19.

Virtual volunteer opportunities

Find virtual volunteer opportunities to help communities impacted by COVID-19. Browse thousands of volunteer listings updated daily on VolunteerMatch.

Volunteer with The Red Cross

Become a Digital Volunteer with the Red Cross to offer resources and reassurance through social networking.

Help scientists by sharing your computer's processing power

Folding@home is simulating COVID-19 proteins to hunt for new therapeutic opportunities. Join an army of computers running calculations to help scientists understand the virus.


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