Help Locally

Tap into existing local networks or start your own to help high-risk individuals in your community by connecting them with lower-risk individuals who are willing to shop for groceries, pick up prescription medications, purchase pet food, or help out financially.


Help Your Neighbors in Need

Connect with your neighbors on Nextdoor and offer your help to pick up groceries or find other local volunteer opportunities.

Mutual Aid Networks

Mutual Aid Networks connect community members in need with community members who can help. Search for your city or neighborhood and find a local Mutual Aid Network you can join.

Volunteer with The Red Cross

Find volunteer opportunities in your area that the Red Cross needs your help with.

Connect Your Local Community

Bring your communities together through video conferencing to connect, collaborate, communicate, and support one another.

Find and support Local Businesses

Find your local chamber of commerce and see which local businesses could use your help, patronage, and expertise.

Thank and Support Local Essential Employees

Order a pizza (or other local food) for delivery to the essential employees of your local hospital, grocery store, fire station, police department, nursing home, or residential care facility.


Fight COVID From Home is brought to you by Stephan Spilkowitz, Steve Spagnola, Justin Stoecker, and David Mack. We’re four friends in NY looking for ways to mobilize individuals and communities to fight COVID-19 from home. ©2020