About Us

Our team

We’re four friends from New York who came together to fight COVID-19 by combining our collective talents, skills, and resources. This is a volunteer initiative through which we are deploying our professional knowledge in the fields of software engineering, mechanical engineering, 3D printing, web design, business management, program development, organizational psychology, and change leadership.

Our mission

Each one of us can play a role in the effort to combat COVID-19. To do our part, we created FightCOVIDFromHome.com to help people fight COVID-19 from home through virtual volunteering, helping their local communities, and donating to organizations which are on the front lines of the fight. 

Our mission is to mobilize individuals and communities to harness their talents, skills, resources, and compassion to help in a variety of ways from the safety of their homes. 

Our Inspiration 

Nearly 80 years ago to the day, following the fall of France to Nazi forces, British, Belgian, and French allied soldiers faced total defeat. 

Retreating from a powerful enemy who had them surrounded, their defeat seemed inevitable until “The Miracle of Dunkirk,” changed the course of history as we know it. Ordinary citizens in the UK rose up, banded together, and with courage, set sail across the English Channel. 

Over 800 fishing boats, sail boats, and other small vessels owned by British civilians made their way to the beaches of Dunkirk to rescue 338,226 besieged allied soldiers. This decisive act of service, bravery, and out-of-the box thinking saved the allied forces, who as we all know went on to defeat that enemy,

This is our Dunkirk moment.

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly throughout the world, overwhelming our healthcare systems and causing widespread economic harm, we must come together to fight this enemy. We must arm our healthcare professionals on the front lines with PPE to support those in our communities who now struggle to survive each day. This is a time for action. Join us. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

—African Proverb


Fight COVID From Home is brought to you by Stephan Spilkowitz, Steve Spagnola, Justin Stoecker, and David Mack. We’re four friends in NY looking for ways to mobilize individuals and communities to fight COVID-19 from home. ©2020