Help fight COVID-19 from home

Fight COVID-19 from home while practicing social distancing.
See how you can help.


How you can help

At Home
Food Packing

Connect with those in need virtually or over the phone to offer your expertise or simply have a conversation with someone who may be feeling lonely.

Directly help high-risk people in your community through grocery and pet food shopping, picking up medication, or helping out financially.

The FightCOVIDFromHome team is on a mission to produce 1,000 3D printed face shields per day for healthcare workers who desperately need them. Support our cause on GoFundMe.


High priority ways to help

Have you recovered? Share your immunity.

People who have recovered from COVID-19 have immunity antibodies that can be used to save others through transfusions and vaccine research. Join one of Columbia University’s COVID-19 studies. Click “Details” on one of the studies, then click on “Do You Qualify?” to answer a brief survey.

Blood Test

Donate, sew or make medical equipment.

Hospitals are running dangerously low on personal protective equipment such as N95 masks, gowns, protective eyewear, and gloves. See how to make much needed supplies from Good Housekeeping then check this list of hospitals accepting medical equipment. You can also easily make your own personal face masks with this DIY mask making guide.

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Are you a mental health professional?

New York state is assembling a free mental health call in number and needs mental health professionals to donate their services.

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We want to hear your great ideas

Know of another way to help fight COVID-19 from home? Suggest your ideas or links to other resources and we'll take a look at adding them to this site. For any other feedback, please write to us at

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Fight COVID From Home is brought to you by Stephan Spilkowitz, Steve Spagnola, Justin Stoecker, and David Mack. We’re four friends in NY looking for ways to mobilize individuals and communities to fight COVID-19 from home. ©2020